Sign-Up for Asssessment Meeting

I’ve posted the sign-up sheet for our assessment meetings on my office door. If you haven’t already chosen a time-slot, please do that in class today or stop by the office. To prepare for your meeting:

  • Print out a copy of the novice-to-mastery rubric for English 123 assessment. (It’s the same we used in ENG 122: ENG122EvaluationRubric-LevelsofMastery)
  • Review your ePortfolio, including homework, drafts, and evidence of peer review, for completeness
  • Pay special attention to your framing statement for the literacy narrative analysis project (essay 1). Point to specific work samples in your ePortfolio to explain the way you have assessed your achievement on each of the course outcomes. 
  • Bring your self-assessment rubric with you to the meeting to walk me through your  evaluation

How to cite Rising Cairn

Here is Eric Drown’s solution for citing the literacy narratives from Rising Cairn. Rising Cairn best resembles an online magazine (an edited compilation of stories by multiple authors).

Little Seagull gives the MLA format for citing an online magazine below:

For MLA format for other publication types (e.g. the scholarly journal articles or essays), see pp. 109-57 or consult SASC’s digest of MLA guidelines here  CitationBasics-MLA8.docx